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Mahani Diamond



White Brass tassel/diamond droplet earrings featuring an inverted triangular-shaped trinket that is inspired by the Indian Yantras. This particular symbol symbolizes the powerful feminine force of Shakti.

✼ Width of trinket – 1 cm
✼ Length from ear wire to end of chain – 10 cm
✼ Weight – Brass = 4.42 grams & White Brass = 4.56 grams
✼ Wire Gauge – 0.8 mm

Details :
✼ Sold as a pair
✼ Ear pin is stainless steel for sensitive ears
✼ The trinket has been treated with an oxide for an antique look

✼ Cast in high quality /nikel free white  brass using the lost wax process.
✼ The pattern is embedded on both sides of earrings